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Welcome to a fusion of BIOLOGY & BLISS


For women who want to feel powerful, free, & deeply at home in their bodies. 


Get to the root of your symptoms.

Repair your nervous system. 

Harness your hormones.

 Reignite your desire.


Gain the knowledge, tools, and support to do the incredible things

you were meant to do. 


Hi! I'm Lera. 


This is your home where science meets magic. 

I'm a board certified OB/GYN clinician with a background in neuroscience, fertility, mind-body medicine, & embodiment.

After years in conventional medicine, I left to create Whole Womanhood,  a practice fusing my experience with functional & holistic medicine, humor, evidence based data, biochemistry, rewilding, pleasure....and a spicy, no-BS approach. 

The goal is not to get healthy. That usually breeds obsession, restriction, or compulsion. 

I prefer you feel free & alive.

You're meant to do amazing things, & I'm here to make sure your body supports you every step of the way.

Together, we get to the root of your symptoms while building out deep stress resilience & vitality. 

I combine my clinical experiences and background by working as a functional medicine specialist focusing on full-body literacy, cyclical living, & reconnecting you to your innate body wisdom.

Healing is dynamic.

Both magical and shitty things will happen to us all.

Our goal?

For you to build out your stress resilience & vitality so that the magic far, far outweighs the shit.

I help you understand the causes of your symptoms on a biological level while repairing your nervous system & reconnecting to your feminine sensuality & power.  

You get both answers & support to cultivate the best version of yourself & live a life you love...in a body you love.


The Biology & Bliss Foundational Reset:

A Group Immersion

Join me in a live 6 week experience that focuses on restoring your deep vitality & stress resilience. How? By diving into the most-missed core foundations, tools, & resources I see in my private practice. Learn what you should've known all along to experience better digestion, balanced hormones, a calmer nervous system, better sleep, & deep access to embodiment & pleasure. 

Every woman's journey is different, but the foundations are nearly always the same.

And almost always missed. 

You deserve bliss. It’s time to claim it.  


Get to the root of your health issues.

Rebalance your hormones.

Heal your gut.

Sleep better.

Get pregnant when you want to. 

Have amazing orgasms.

Get rid of anxiety.

Get your energy back.

Reignite joy.

Feel amazing in your body.

Build a life you love. 


How I can support you:



1:1 Private Coaching

For highly motivated women looking for the accountability, tools, & guidance to take a deep dive into both mind and body medicine while uncovering the root of their health struggles with functional lab testing, personalized care plans, optimized nutrition education, natural birth control options, mindfulness, and lifestyle medicine. You get a partner and advocate in your  journey who listens and guides you as you gain the confidence and knowledge to heal, understand, and deeply enjoy your body.

1:1 Fertility   Support

For women looking for expert support & coaching in achieving their pregnancy goals with a personalized, deep dive into comprehensive foundational pillars as well as commonly overlooked causes of "unexplained infertility" including stress, toxicities, genetics, digestive health, and lifestyle. For women who want a natural approach to their preconception journey AND those with a prior history of fertility issues or infertility. When you've already tried for a year or aren't satisfied with "just try for a year". 


How it works:



Our Deep Dive Together


You have an important story to tell. Together, we will dive into your history, symptoms, and goals to figure out missed red flags, triggers, assess your symptoms, review prior health actions, herbs, supplements, treatments, &  lab work.

We will then combine this with mind-body work and create the foundations of nervous system repair. We will determine necessary lab tests and what lifestyle, emotional, mental, spiritual, and environmental factors may also be playing a role in your health struggles - all while creating a foundation that puts you back in control of understanding what your body is trying to tell you. You will build out a toolkit for both body & stress resilience with a clear plan of action, ongoing support from me, & joy through the process.


Your Dynamic Plan


I use targeted, advanced testing as part of the recipe to determine the underlying causes of your issues & what will create the biggest impact. The first rule: test, don't guess.

The second rule: testing needs to be very well interpreted. Testing should never give you a mainstream protocol. I do not believe in or practice template medicine, which means every single part of your plan is completely individualized to you. You will have access to both conventional lab testing and specialized functional medicine testing - from DNA stool testing to toxicity, inflammation to comprehensive fertility testing.  I use a holistic approach so that we can treat the multifactorial causes, have ongoing accountability, and create lasting changes. 


Whole Woman 



Your test results, your history, your nourishment, your desires, your physiology, your body image, your community - they all matter when healing.

To create a sustainable transformation, your history & lab test interpretations are combined with diet, nervous system repair, pleasure coaching, targeted herbs & supplements, lifestyle changes, optimizing nutrients, energy & environment, mindfulness & mindset, and embodiment practices. Through ongoing support & holistic step-by-step changes, we make magic happen so you can feel incredible, create long lasting changes, and focus on building your dream life. This work is holistic, it's challenging, it's fun, and it's transformational. Your life becomes your medicine.


Client Testimonials

Anadani Wadera, Founder of Anandini Wadera Acupuncture

"Lera is a force of nature. She is a gift to womanhood, to humanhood. Without her brilliant guidance, exceptionally thoughtful homework assignments, discerning diagnostic skills and fine tuned supplement and lifestyle plan, I would not be the woman I am proud to be today. She’s been instrumental in my ongoing journey in self-growth, health and womanhood. As a women’s focused healthcare practitioner myself, I can attest to her expertise and know practitioners like her come once in a lifetime. I can not recommend Lera enough, and fast enough, to every woman. She will change your life."

Justine Rivero, DeepMind

"Lera changed the way I think about my body and my fertility in a way that radically redefined how I approach my health for the rest of my life. Before Lera, I was intimidated by how to tackle my health priorities, especially how to get pregnant: researching endlessly without a plan, trusting science-based techniques yet curious about how to take a more natural approach. With Lera, I finally felt empowered with the straight facts, holistic knowledge, and newfound courage to go to the root of my health priorities and take proactive action that felt good and in sync with my values, rather than feel broken and reliant on reactive Western medicine. Lera taught me how to be empowered about my health, and above all, to celebrate my body and feel excited to nurture it. With Lera, I had more than an action plan or a protocol on fertility; I learned how to think about and act on my health for the rest of my life."

Cindy Chen, Founder of The Being Lab

"Lera was able to diagnose my medical issues in literally 5 minutes that countless doctors and specialists couldn't identify or treat for an entire year! She gave me recommendations on what to tweak in my diet and explained exactly what was going on and mentioned other mysterious symptoms I was experiencing that I had NO IDEA were connected. Go to her if you have any women's health issues. You will be saving so much time and frustrating experiences where doctors send you home with medication that doesn't work OR just tell you nothing is wrong...I could not be more grateful for her! Now I'm 100% and I could not be more HAPPY!"

Ekaterina Kanat-Alexander 


"My son is here and he’s the most beautiful, gorgeous, sunshiny boy ever! Even when he wakes me up at night by climbing on top of me (30 pounds of happiness) and latching, my first emotion is overwhelming love. My husband, who saw everything you did during birth, told me that hiring you was by far the best investment he ever made. I’m just so happy and peaceful that he’s there, in my arms, the greatest treasure. You made it possible."

We have been taught to normalize symptoms because they're now so common. But just because something is common doesn't make it normal.

Periods are not supposed to be painful.

Our moods are not supposed to be erratic.

Food is not the enemy.

Pregnancy & birth are not medical events.

Fertility is not out of your control.

Hormonal birth control is not the only answer.

IBS is not a real diagnosis.

“Normal” labwork doesn't mean there's nothing wrong. 

Your worth does not come from your productivity.

Bloating, constipation, or diarrhea are not normal.

"Maybe you're just anxious" is not a diagnosis.

Your symptoms are not in your head.

We have been taught that it’s normal to not feel heard.

It's not normal. 


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"Working with Lera is, quite literally, the best investment I’ve ever made in my health and my future. And I’m reminded of that daily when I watch my 6-month babygirl play.”

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Justine Rivero


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